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Any distributor or service provider in the mobile sector knows about the problems of this young market. Norms and terms, central information crossroads and trading centers are missing, and many small areas are developing without overview and network. DIS-CONNECT starts right here. We aim at addressing exactly these problems after analyzing many European smartphone and tablet repair services and with many years of experience in quality assurance and process optimization.

There is great diversity in quality and price of spare parts. Due to missing centralization, it is not possible to find the best offer and the best price-quality ratio. We spend hours searching on many different websites.

We have made it our goal to solve these problems by creating an independent platform which offers exactly this.

DIS-CONNECT is a B2B online marketplace with a rating system where repair shops can compare and evaluate their purchased goods. Any supplier is able to offer their products and confirm their quality via the buyers’ evaluations.

The marketplace additionally offers further options and possibilities that we have integrated after analyzing the market and its processes. With our standardized complaints system, we do not lose track of any return. Track the status and process of your orders and complaints, both as buyer and seller. Communicate with your trading partner right in the interface of your order without having to look up order numbers.

We optimize your communication channels and with our large network, we help you to find the suitable trading partner for your current needs. If problems or disputes arise, we mediate and help to find a quick and suitable solution. Due to ratings and DIS-CONNECT’s independence we create a marketplace for serious trade as well as a trustworthy atmosphere.

We constantly refine DIS-CONNECT via updates and improvements so that you can securely dip into the business world and optimize your profits and structures.

Look forward to your problems’ solutions!
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Georg Dis

My name is Georg Dis and I am the founder and managing direct
Our System – Your Solution

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