Our Vision:

Creating an Ecosystem in the Smartphone Hardware Market

Our mission is to connect innovative companies in the smartphone market and jointly develop customized solution concepts in order to create significant value-added benefits through synergy effects for every participant.

We strongly believe: #Only together, we become better
Due to our interdisciplinary network and many years of experience in this area, we have numerous opportunities to identify best practice cases, derive essential learnings from them and connect relevant market participants. Because of that we built up excellence in creating new collaborations and innovations with an adequate use of synergy effects. In collaboration, we uncover our clients’ needs, help them design a customized solution and support them in implementation processes.

#unique is the new blue

DIS-CONNECT stands for unique, customized solutions as well as tailored business models. Based on our many years of experience and the numerous partnerships, we can say now that there is no mass solution (mass customization) for the smartphone market. Economies of scale hardly take effect in this industry. Every market player is individual and convinces with specific expertise. We combine this know-how of our partners and design an all-in-one solution for our clients’ - tailored meticulously to their business model.

#collaborate, don’t copy

As a supporter of digitalisation, coping with market challenges and constant change is our everyday business. We prepare our client’s business case for digital transformation and support him in choosing the optimal partner. Scores of innovative business models and collaborations are triggered consequently.

Together with you, our partner, we shape the digital future.

#passion for digital change

We are your #1 contact for the mobile transformation of hardware. Due to our extensive network of internationally experienced market players and the ability to respond dynamically and agile to client needs, we are always able to design and roll out a wide variety of business models - customized. The volume is unlimited, since our internal capacities are expanded through external collaborations and partners.
As a neutral interface, we determine market opportunities and participants for our clients in order to put together the best possible overall package for you.
In addition to the DIS-CO ONE Healthcare Solution (all-in-one solution for mobile device management in healthcare), our services include, the procurement of high-quality smartphone spare parts as well as authorized repairs, device replacement, consulting support function, trading of consumer electronics, leasing of smartphones and the provisioning of the first B2B online marketplace as a point of intersection for suppliers and customers in the smartphone industry.

#our culture is our USP

We define our success not only on the basis of financial KPIs, but rather on the qualitative measures such as the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees. People are our most important asset.
Our key to success is an honest and respectful partnership that goes hand in hand with trust, paired with reliability - even on bumpy roads. Our business needs ups and downs to develop, take on new challenges, grow and learn.

This is exactly what we do as a team with passion for the industry and constant change. Fairness, loyalty and a 'we' feeling - these are core elements of our culture that we live and convey every day. For us, passion is not a marketing word, not a buzzword; it is a feeling that the DIS-CONNECT team feels and spreads in its built ecosystem.

#growth is our way

With an extraordinarily steep growth curve, we are constantly expanding our internal resources and space. In addition to the headquarters in Karlsruhe, GER as the strategy pivotal point, we have built up further locations like Paderborn, GER as a logistics hub, Hong Kong, HK as a procurement and quality center, Amsterdam, NL as an import / export hub and ultimately also Paris, FR as a healthcare hub.