Additional Services

DIS-CONNECT offers your company a full service. Training concepts and process optimization increase your efficiency and secure your quality. Here, your processes will be perfectly adjusted with the help of our many years’ experience. Simply place a non-binding request!

With our network, we return your broken displays to the economic cycle. You will receive a report and a serious offer from our reliable partners.

Additionally, you have the option of sending us your goods with a note that you want to donate the total sales proceeds to good causes. In this case, you will receive a donation receipt and make a valuable contribution to society.

Recycling of
Broken Displays

Sustainability is extremely important to us. Return the goods to the economic cycle and support community causes!

Process Optimization
and Training

Processes are the foundation of any structured company. Only with trained personnel can you use these to optimize your procedures.

Our System – Your Solution

DIS-CONNECT is always eager to optimize anything connected to your company. One often does not know whom to contact with specific questions or requests. DIS-CONNECT assists you at all times and helps to realize these requests.

Recycling of LCD and LED Panels

Our authorized customers return your broken LCD or LED panels to the economic cycle. Hereby, we preserve the environment and operate sustainably. This is how you meet your obligation to make careful use of the resources of our planet.

A Good Deed

Upon request, you can donate the proceeds from your recycled displays to a selected charitable institution. Contribute and support people who need your help.

We will ensure your donation with a donation receipt.

Structure via Processes

Processes are necessary in order to measure and improve the effectiveness of a company with all its complex procedures.

These need to be as simple as possible and only as complex as necessary.

With its years of experience, DIS-CONNECT offers these very optimizations and creates control options.

Trainings for Technicians

Only with technically trained staff will you achieve the desired customer satisfaction and the compliance with the processes.

With the knowhow of our trainings, your technicians will constantly meet the current technical requirements and ensure the customer satisfaction with your company.