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The Company

Our System – Your Solution


DIS-CONNECT France has the support and expertise of DIS-CONNECT GmbH and its worldwide network in order to expand into the healthcare market.
In addition to the German based headquarters of the Gmbh in Karlsruhe, we have also partnered up with other structures such as in Paderborn (Germany) as a logistics platform and QC , Hong Kong as a procurement platform and quality assessment centre, Amsterdam (Netherlands) as an import/export platform.

The strong ecosystem we have created allows us to establish a close link with our trusted partners around the world.


Our mission is to bring together innovative and relevant companies on the digital market to complete our expertise and experience and develop a tailor-made solution. Indeed, DIS-CONNECT relies on the support of numerous partners in order to complete its tailor-made offer and propose an all-in-one solution.


DIS-CONNECT relies on the skills of its teams by training them regularly and continuously DIS-CONNECT places great emphasis on creating trusting partnerships with various service providers on the market.
DIS-CONNECT´s mission is to continuously invest in research and development in order to continue to innovate in a constantly changing market. DIS-CONNECT has put as top priority the listening to customer needs in order to adapt its solutions to each business case.

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